One piece swimsuits 2022 - which one to choose?

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Whole costumes 2022

The whole swimsuits 2022 are destined to dictate the real trend of Italian beaches. The time when the one-piece swimsuit was bound to a few uses is over.

Until a few years ago, it was firmly convinced that the one- piece swimsuit was perfect for all those women who had a few extra pounds to hide . Over time it has been discovered that this is not the case at all, that the one-piece swimsuit can be used by everyone and is also very trendy.

One piece swimsuits 2022 dictate fashion . There is talk of a garment that never goes out of fashion and to think about it, there is no year in which the great fashion grifes do not propose a new, innovative and sometimes revolutionary model.

What has fashion in store for us in 2022? Surely one-piece swimsuits with much more classic lines, with elegant and colorful patterns, nothing excessive, to adapt to any personality.

Although choosing a one-piece swimsuit may seem very comfortable, the choice is not as simple as one might think.

One piece swimsuits 2022: an urban beach

In recent years everyone's habits have changed, it is useless to deny it. Just as everyday life has changed, so has the way of experiencing the beach.

If before the beach was the place to show bright colors, now the boundary between beachwear and casual becomes really thin. Almost as if you expect to have to work on the beach as well, even while tanning your light buttocks, paraphrasing an old song.

Abandoned all formalities here that the temperatures rise and immediately you start thinking about living by the sea. Did the catwalks show off some really special beachwear outfits? From city?

The truth, as always, lies somewhere in between. So in the city flip-flops are used and swimsuits are also used under the shirt, whether it's a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit it doesn't matter.

Indeed to tell the truth, the one-piece swimsuit becomes a sort of ways to show under the jacket. A casual but studied look , as if you wanted to be ready for everything as soon as possible.

And the bag? In straw, but designer, it seems obvious to us, right?

Choose the one that suits your body

It seems clear that one-piece swimsuits 2022 are not a very veiled attempt to brush up on old trends , but also to create a common thread between life in the city and life by the sea. For those who thought that one-piece swimsuits were the choice of those who have passed the door, well, they will surely have to change their mind, because the one-piece swimsuits 2022 are truly suitable for all women, the important thing is to know how to choose.

Just as with clothing you try to highlight your strengths, the same must be done with costumes. Every woman knows her flaws well and also knows if there is at least one area of her body that is truly pleasant to look at.

Here is precisely on the basis of that you will have to choose your costume. There are many ideas that fashion offers, we will also show you someone, but don't be in a hurry though.

Choosing the best costume based on your décolleté

And whoever has it small would like it big, whoever has it big would want it small, certainly living with one's breasts is not easy for any woman. Let's start with all the sweet damsels who have large breasts.

You need a costume that is structured and that can hold up on those great headlands. We could recommend the Anastasia One-piece Swimsuit by Hamafitè, beautiful in shape, colors and the ability to support the breast, thanks to the preformed cups and the underwire support.

The perfect example for women with bursting breasts. Just to avoid some hot beach incidents, much to the chagrin of the boys.

The models that appear to be intertwined on the décolleté are also excellent, which without underwire are still able to offer support. Of course we need to give up the narrow straps, which could move in the water.

Space for wide straps, for greater support and cover the classic rolls that present those with large breasts and perhaps a very buttery body. And for those who have a poor first?

Envious right? Well be happy, because you are, in the choice of costume you have an advantage. First of all, you can easily allow yourself the dizzying necklines and in no way will they seem to be vulgar.

The see and do not see or the laces are an element that you must not keep. You can choose a model like the Hamalfitè Zoe One-piece Swimsuit, with a plunging neckline on the back.

If you want to indulge in preformed cups that's fine, but maybe a push up. But also console yourself with the colors, for you, with a slender body we recommend: flowers, optical patterns, but also sequins, for those who really do not want to go unnoticed even on the beach.

One-piece swimsuits: pay attention to side b

And after thinking about breasts, we have to think about you who didn't kill yourself squatting all winter right? Or maybe yes.

If you have, know that there are some costumes perfect for you, to show off your B-side by the sea. Which of the 2022 one-piece swimsuits allows you to show off the rear?

It would take a deep neckline on the back, a simple lace that holds the costume firmly behind the neck and just a piece of fabric to cover the lower back. These are the models designed for you.

But if side B is your weak point, because eating pizza is still your favorite sport, then choose a more opaque swimsuit, perhaps with shorts. As for the color, opt for the solid color, even on dark shades as needed.

Choose as if there were no fabrics that stretch easily, nitrente ribs, at most a model with push-up, on the lower back.

Bacon and wide hips or long legs?

We come to you that, you choose the one-piece swimsuit because you know you are not in shape, you know that the bacon is there and unfortunately it shows. You could choose models with works that camouflage the excess fat in the abdominal area a little.

Opt for a patched d that goes smoothly on the hips, shift the attention of the beholder on the décolleté in such a way as to show only the best. Choose costumes that have pre-shaped cups, avoid instead the high-cut models and those that show too much.

For you, the one-piece swimsuit serves to cover up a few small imperfections. The percentage of spandex of your costume must be very high, otherwise you will not be able to see your shapes contained.

This of course for those with some lower back fat, but if your belly is flat, but your hips are wide, then the straps will make your figure much more balanced. For example, you could choose a bateau neckline with straps that fall a little over the arms.

The color must be chosen according to the complexion . For those with fair skin, it is better to choose darker colors, only after having taken a little color, you can even let yourself go to white.

If you have very long legs, the Hamafitè Olympic one-piece swimsuit model will be a one-piece swimsuit cut on your body, with a B-side all to show off, just like all the strengths.

To look like Pamela Anderson we could recommend solid colors, otherwise you could fall back on colorful models with nice but always elegant patterns. Finally, for all the women who are worried about their broad shoulders, know that there is a one-piece swimsuit model 2022 for you too.

A one-shoulder or a model with ruffles will still manage to rebalance the proportions. No bright colors, better the low profile.

For all future mothers

We still have a type of body to consider, for us the most beautiful of all. The body of a woman about to become a mother.

Sometimes for her, going to the beach is not easy. Nobody requires an expectant mother to hide behind a one-piece swimsuit , but a model of this kind is recommended, to avoid that the baby bump is exposed excessively to the sun.

Maternity models are generally very comfortable and specific. For your breasts, the preformed and underwired cups are truly the must have.

One-piece swimsuits 2022: the reason for a one-piece swimsuit

Every physicist has their own costume, but what we would like to understand with you is: why should you choose between the 2022 one-piece swimsuits? The one-piece swimsuit, thanks to the undoubted amount of extra fabric it offers to cover the body, also allows you to cover all the defects of the body of every woman.

As it was also possible to notice from the selection that I made, we are not referring only to the extra pounds, but all the possible imperfections or physical characteristics that can in some way be disguised with a one-piece swimsuit.

For years the king of the beaches has been the bikini, with a small interlude of trikini, which we are not even here to explain. But the trends of recent years speak for themselves, the time for one-piece swimsuits is right now.

It is both for those with a perfect body, which is highlighted even more by a one-piece swimsuit, and for those with just a few flaws. But before moving towards the conclusion, let's stop here for a moment.

In addition to fashion, why should you choose one of the 2022 whole swimsuits?

They hide the belly

It is useless to deny it. One-piece swimsuits hide the belly and this can be a great advantage for those without a slender body.

Many models are able to disguise a few extra pounds and also make you look in perfect shape.

The figure is more harmonic

The body squeezed into a one-piece swimsuit seems to be more harmonious. A costume of this kind makes the silhouette almost slender.

Wide hips are filed down if only you know how to choose the right leg. And for those who prefer a prosperous breast, here are the preformed full swimsuits for support.

One side B enhanced

The one-piece swimsuit lifts the butt. It immediately makes it more toned and round.

And you still getting fucked in the gym.

A practical costume

One-piece swimsuits are very practical. They can be used at the seaside, but also in the city. In short, the real perfect costume.

Elegant in the evening

The one-piece swimsuit is also great for those who don't miss an evening poolside party. Few bright inserts and here is an evening costume.

It is very sexy

Do we need to explain something about it? Other than costume for losers….

Swimsuits 2022: to conclude

One piece swimsuits 2022 confirm the trend of recent years, one that leads more and more women to convert to one-piece swimsuit. He himself, what was believed to be the costume suitable only for those who are overweight or those over a certain age, has today become a style icon.

There are many models that have been made available to those who decide to opt for the whole costumes 2022, of course, you need to know how to choose and this is not at all simple. So come on, in front of the mirror to analyze what are the strengths of your body and what are the weak points.

We have seen how there is a one-piece swimsuit for those with large breasts, but also for those with small ones and those who want all the attention to be on the lower back. The one-piece swimsuit is a real element of style.

A garment that is not only used to expose yourself to the sun on a hot summer day, but also to wear under a stylish jacket and why not? For that party in, where one hopes to be able to swim at midnight.

A style icon that comes with different characteristics, all designed to offer women the best possible line. The 2022 one-piece swimsuits are the link between beach and urban style.


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