Men's swimwear: the 5 secrets to choosing the right model

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Even in the middle of winter we often think about the warm months, those that will take us to the sea. So then you start thinking about how to get back in shape, but also what are the new trends in swimwear.

How do you say? Do you think it is a female prerogative? Well, know that you are very wrong, that's why we are here today to talk to you about men's swimwear.

We want to offer all our attention to our maci who just never know how to choose. Because buying a costume seems like a trivial matter, but it's not at all.

Just as it happens for women, there are not a few models of men's swimwear that invade the market every year, so you don't really know how to choose. Shapes, colors and cuts, but do you know that every body and every age must match the best of swimwear?

Let's see together how to choose.


Men's swimwear: the importance of choosing the right ones

Choosing between the new men's swimwear is not exactly simple and requires the same attention that goes into choosing any item of clothing. Each model of swimsuit has a certain fit and this means that it is possible to combine it only with certain physicalities rather than others.

In short, it seems clear to us my dear man, if you intend to get a tan and enjoy the summer by the sea, you must know that men's swimwear have a certain importance. Little difficulty for those with an athletic body, things change for those who have to deal with bacon and love handles.

Choosing men's swim boxers and not having the right body not only would not allow you to enjoy relaxation by the sea, but could also create a lot of discomfort. After all, you know well that on the beach you don't just lie down to get a tan, but you go to the bar, play on the beach, take a walk and meet new people.

Having swimwear that allows you to feel at ease means facing any activity in the best possible way. Now we offer you some basic rules and then let's go specifically:

1.       Abolished the white briefs, which should be declared illegal, instead they still sell them. So men's swim shorts are fine, but nothing slippers that leave nothing to the imagination;

2.       Above 25 no surfer costume, leave them to those who really ride the surf. These are costumes that often point out the flaws and if you don't get blown away at the gym every day, leave it alone.

Then you wanted to go buy the first costume that came your way. Sit down and keep reading to us.


Models to choose from

As already mentioned, even just browsing among the men's swimwear models you will notice that there are many on the market.The choice seems like a real mission impossible. But what if we try to clarify your ideas and quickly see what are the most common models?

Men's swim trunks suitable for everyone

Let's start with the most popular model and which seems to be truly perfect on everyone. We are talking about the men's swim boxer, a model that is exactly halfway between the beach bermuda shorts and the men's beach shorts.

Generally the leg length is 40 cm, truly perfect for everyone regardless of what the physicality of the subject is. The men's swim boxers suit everyone and you can also choose from a number of models: plain, patterned, traditional or extravagant.

The choice depends a lot on whether or not you are the type who likes to be noticed. What you need to do is choose the right size, so they shouldn't be too big or too small. Also pay attention to the fabric that must dry quickly.


Men's shorts: for those who are not very tall

If Mother Nature hasn't been very kind to you when it comes to height, then maybe you should go for some men's shorts. Shorts are men's swimwear models, shorter.

They are capable of creating an optical effect that makes the wearer look much taller. Also good is the drawstring at the waist that covers the belly or an excessively wide chest.

The men's swim shorts: the surfer

The surfer are those particular men's swimwear that are created in very fine and waxed fabric. The legs come just below the knee.

These swimsuits have been designed to avoid abrasions and burns by all surfers.In short, they are certainly of costumes that you like, which often present themselves as man hamalfitè according to the fantasies.

Surely a model truly appreciated by many men who think it fits everyone but instead it is not. As you can imagine these are designed to be worn by men with well-built abs, so they showcase both the belly and the love handles.

In short, if you are a mere mortal, forget it, they don't even dry out.

Slip: but also not

So let's make a deal, we keep telling you what men's swimwear is and you don't buy a slipper. We have added it just for the sake of completeness, but unless you have to use the swimsuit by the pool, in competitions with the 5 circles, let's forget it.

A model that could be defined as difficult by creating a euphemism. The most shy do not even look at them, being sure that it can create many insecurities.

If you really are lucky at the most you can arouse a little hilarity among your friends, in the worst case scenario you could also create painful denigrating reasons. If you have a sculpted physique, we could tell you that you can choose between solid colors and without any fantasy. But if you don't spend at least a couple of hours a day in the gym, ditch your panties.

Hipster: only if you have a turtle

Finally the trunks. Then you can only wear it if you've blown to the gym every day and spent the whole winter eating chicken breast and salad. A very tight model that stops just below the groin and shows off the buttocks.

You can choose it but only if you have a certain physicality. It is useless to choose a costume if you do not feel comfortable.

Thong or thong

You're joking, right? Ok, if you really like it now we will tell you just a couple of things.

The thong, despite what is generally thought, differs from the thong and is designed so that the side of the legs is covered only by a very small piece of fabric. For the rest, everything is as normal as a men's swim briefs.

It is a costume model that is chosen by men and also by women who have really very long legs.

On the other hand, the thong is different, which is chosen by the man who loves a total tan and who wants to show off his body as much as possible, given the enormous sacrifices made during the year. The thongs have a very enveloping front part to protect, while the back is made up of only a thread or a small triangle of fabric.

The thong is often seen worn by bodybuilders. We advise against it, but if you are particularly daring, all in all, you have to choose.

For each physicist his men's swimwear

We have therefore seen which are the best-selling swimwear models and we have also provided you with some indications. Because sometimes it seems that wanting to get back into shape is a female prerogative, but we can prove to you that it is not quite so.

So my dear man, if you want to feel comfortable in your bathing suit, then perhaps, we need to go into the specifics of which are the best models for each physique.

For the overweight man

Let's say you are a slightly overweight mortal. We know very well that for those who are not used to spending hours and hours in the gym, when it's time to get into a costume you never feel at ease.

Well putting on swimwear doesn't mean showing off. In order not to feel uncomfortable it is enough to look for a costume with some characteristics.

First of all, the drawstring at the waist must be the same color as the fabric to avoid showing the waistline. The leg should be 3 to 5cm above the knee to look slim and tall.

Finally, choose a model with a side band to look away. Simple right? And if that's still not enough, the solution could be to wear a t-shirt.

If you are tall and thin

If you who have a bit of bacon believe that being tall and thin is simple, know that you are wrong and not a little. However, it is a physicality that when choosing swimwear must pay close attention to the model he chooses.

Do you know why? There are men's swimwear that tend to slim the figure even more, this translates into the feeling of being disproportionate. So do you know how you can choose your costume?

The models with a colored cord that contrast with the color of the costume itself are excellent. In this way the figure will appear cut in two and therefore the height seems lower. Choose men's swim shorts that end above the knee.

Perfect are the motifs that widen the figure and do not disturb the eye making the figure appear too slender. For those of you who are tall and slim, no low waist, but tight-fitting models are fine.

For you who are toned and athletic

If you are toned and athletic you shouldn't have a lot of problems choosing your men's swimwear right? After all you have struggled a year in the gym, it also seems right that you show what are the results of hard work.

In short, everything is fine, but without exaggerating. For example, we could advise you to choose red or blue costumes. Better clean lines without too many fantasies at least you can show off your beautiful sculpted physique.

Then choose a swimsuit that has a length up to mid-thigh and a boxy cut that shows off the buttocks. Even low life is okay with you. You are a lucky little man eh.

Your swimwear is made from lightweight material, a very snug fit that helps show off the results of your workouts.

Men's swimwear: to conclude

We are at the end and we must admit that we are a little sorry. Choosing men's swimwear is not a trivial matter. You need to pay attention first to the materials, choosing those that dry more easily to avoid going away from the beach still in a wet chick style.

Whichever beach you want to show off your stunning physique, know that you will need to take the time to choose which ones are the best men's swimwear for you. High-cut, less high-cut, patterned or solid color, laces in the same or contrasting color.

First of all you have to understand what your physicality is. You will have to think about all the hours you have toiled in the gym, if you have and if you have succumbed to the lure of the fork, then you will have to adjust your choices differently.

However, we have told you that perhaps it is appropriate to give up the white slippino and unless you are a bodybuilder then also the thong. The choice of swimwear, seen in this light, seems almost a mission impossible. Take a good look in the mirror and be honest about your choices, only in this way can you choose the swimsuit that offers you the most comfort.


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